Why You Need An International English Voice For Your Business

From internal corporate presentations, to worldwide commercials seen by millions – the English language remains king for reaching the maximum audience that you can without having to create dozens of localisations.

This might initially seem at odds with what you’ve come to believe about your international growth. After all, the common sense approach is for your business to localise its voice to the audience and territory that its trying to reach.

And yet studies have shown that simple and clear English slogans and voiceover perform better with audiences than even their own native language in many instances.

What percentage of German TV commercials feature English

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It's true! Over 70% of German TV commercials featured English prominently.

What percentage of Polish magazine ads predominantly feature English

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88% of Polish magazine adverts contain English words.

What percentage of Dutch speakers prefer English slogans?

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In a study focused on advertising in Holland, it was found that 64.4% of participants preferred a simple English slogan to the equalivalent slogan in Dutch.

International English .

It’s become a completely normal sight, or should I say sound, in nearly every international territory, for English to be a widely used language for business.

From E-learning, to commercials, international corporate announcements, award ceremonies, audiobook narration and more… the English language is ever present even in nation’s where English isn’t the primary national language.

Whether communicating with your customers, or internally between different branches of your business; the English language is not only  a simple and streamlined way to communicate, but it has the added benefit of drastically cutting down your budgets by removing the need to localise your communications by using an international English voice for everything.

4 reasons why you should hire an international english voice

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international english voiceover reason 2
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Want To Make Your International Voiceover Stand Out?

Why Not Try An Irish Accent!

Now that you’ve decided that an international English voice over is what you need for your project to succeed internationally, the next step is finding a voice which helps you stand out amongst the hundreds of other international english voiceovers.

While English and American accents are the most popular choices when it comes to international voices, they aren’t winning any prizes for originality.

The Irish accent has all the benefits of an international voice, while being identifiable, friendly and highly regarded across the world.

The Irish have an amazing reputation worldwide and polls show that it’s one of the world’s favourite accents.

Hi, my name’s Michael Ryan. I’m an Irish voiceover artist and I’d like to be the one to provide that unique voice to help you reach out to your global audience with a voice of Irish charm to help you stand out from the crowd.

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